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Hello Again

I know, I know, it been like 6 months since I last wrote here. In between work and doing other life busying tasks I haven’t been able to do the normal fun things, like write about my life on the lovely tumblr.¬†

So where to start? How bout the crappiest summer on record. It started on a bad not by being told that I didn’t actually start for another two months, I know what a bummer! But it gave me a chance to head out to B.C for a week to recollect myself from the horror of first year. After that I really just sat around, cleaned and tried making packing lists for second year living, but none of that happened (classic me and procrastination)… So I started my job after like two months of nothing and it actually lifted my summer from a drag to a great one. I met the most amazing, funny and outgoing people ever, I felt so accepted in such a small work environment of people. I think that is why my confidence has boost so much this year! So yeah summer was awesome, had a fun time, but then school came, and with school comes heartache and anger.

This year I moved in with 5 girlfriends, maybe not the best idea at all, Im already regretting some of the people Im living with. To start off I am not much of a homebody, I like to go out and do things, not sit in my bed all day and discuss pointless topics that will not benefit me in anyway. I want to go out, meet new people, have a fun time. BUT (yes I purposely did capitals) that is not happening. My best friend up here and I don’t have matched schedules at all, which is very saddening, she’s in all nights and Im in all mornings so theres never really anything that can be planned. And the others don’t want to go out with me to anyplace, no matter what. So Im stuck, and trust me its not fun. And what else is not fun is being left out of things, and being called hurtful names, and feeling belittled. Because thats never fun.¬†

Anyways I am exhausted and need lots of sleep so I will write to you again soon Tumblr.




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